About us

Every pilot deserves a safe, easy and enjoyable flying experience, which is why we passionately develop and continually improve our advance flight planning and navigation app to be the most reliable, powerful, innovative and user-friendly tool available worldwide.

Our story began in 2008 when CEO Johann Huguenin, driven by his passion for computer programming, aviation and aerobatics, created Air Navigation Pro for his personal use. What started as a hobby quickly evolved into a powerful application used today by hundreds of thousands of pilots worldwide.
By now, Air Navigation Pro stands out in the industry with its worldwide coverage, featuring our comprehensive and regularly updated aeronautical database, as well as our own vector map engine—the intelligent SmartChart technology developed in-house. Additionally, we offer the most extensive selection of aeronautical charts thanks to the numerous partnerships with chart providers we've established over the years. Recently, we launched the advanced weather feature in collaboration with Meteoblue and integrated traffic information into the app thanks to our partner SafeSky. And it won’t end there!
All these achievements were made possible thanks to the dedication and expertise of our valuable employees. Let me introduce them to you:


Swiss Team

Johann officially founded the company in 2010 under the name Xample SA, which was later rebranded as Air Navigation SA in 2022. He surrounded himself with a dedicated team and established the headquarters near Yverdon-les-Bains, in the French-speaking region of Switzerland. This marked the beginning of our journey and the evolution of the app. Today, our Swiss Team comprises approximately 13 people of various nationalities, specializing in app development, backend infrastructure, marketing and administration.

Philippine Team

In 2014, we took an exciting step to expand our capabilities, leading us to the shores of the Philippines—a country recognized by the EU with GSP+ status for its commitment to sustainable development and good governance practices. We strategically chose to invest in the PEZA Special Economic Zones and set up an office in Cebu under the name Brainhub Inc. Fast forward a decade and our Philippine Team has become a crucial part of our operations. They are a group of around 20 people, primarily working on our aeronautical database and app testing, playing vital roles in our success.


Our multicultural team embodies the spirit of aviation , combining precision with passion. We work tirelessly every day to deliver a top-notch product, ensuring that Air Navigation Pro remains at the forefront of aviation apps in the industry. We’re immensely proud of our journey and every feature we develop, striving to create an intuitive and powerful user experience. Our work is guided by our dedication to making aviation safer, more efficient and enjoyable for everyone.

Our Core Values



We thrive on innovation, embracing change to meet the current needs. We believe in our ability to improve the world through technology.



We love what we do. We aren’t just another IT company; aviation is our passion. We specialize in the aeronautical field because we are good at it and like every moment spent on it. Our team is proud and highly motivated.



We build strong, long-lasting relationships with our users and partners. We care about them and strive to create intuitive solutions. Our performance is worthy of trust.


Integrity & Respect

We mean what we say and match our actions to our words, taking responsibility for them. Our content is authentic and heartfelt. We treat everyone with fairness, empathy and respect, always open to listening and dialogue.


Social Responsibility

We are committed to serving the community. Our work supports pilots in critical roles like firefighting, mountain rescue and air ambulance services. We also aid flight schools and instructors in educating the next generation.



We embrace diversity and celebrate collaboration. Each team member's unique strengths complement one another, achieving results that exceed individual limitations. We believe in the collective potential of our team.

Our mission is to enhance the flying experience for private and professional pilots worldwide by making it safer, easier and more enjoyable through our advanced flight planning and navigation solutions.